The following is a story of how NAET has helped Genie Dreyfus get her life back to normal.
After my own life-expanding  experience, I recommend NAET every chance I get, and would like to share my experience.

I had chronic fatigue and multiple chemical sensitivity, with 
headaches, sinusitus, & knee pain going back to my high school years.  (I'm now in my 60's.) After many years of seeking treatment and being told that I was healthy, an holistic physician tested for food  allergies and found I was allergic to more than half the things I 
ate. On my own I then discovered many chemicals and perfumes that I  couldn't tolerate. For about 5 years I just avoided the foods and  chemicals that triggered my reactions. I felt better, but still had 
frequent fatigue, sleeplessness, flu-like symptoms and a very limited life. I was missing the nutrition of a varied diet. Eating out or at  the home of friends was almost impossible, with my limitations 
dictating exactly what we'd eat, and still risking that I'd come away 

I had heard mixed reports on NAET, so put off having treatments until  I'd heard several good reports about Cindy Zafis, a chiropractor in Santa Rosa. I went through the basic treatments without feeling any difference. Then we started ticking off the list of food allergies I  told her I wanted to remove. I was amazed when the day after being  treated for each food, I could eat it again with no reaction!

Then we started on the fruits. I hadn't eaten fruit for 12 years 
because I would be so shaky for a day or two after that I couldn't 
control my hand enough to write. My hopes were up after other 
successes, but when I was treated for berries, I still couldn't eat 
them. Same thing with other fruits. So Dr. Zafis muscle tested me for  phenolic compounds which are plentiful in fruit. I reacted to several and was treated for them. The breakthrough came when I was treated for salicylate. The next day I ate fruit with no reaction.

I'm happy to say that after a year I can still eat the foods I was 
treated for. The chemical sensitivities are also subject to removal 
using NAET. I've been treated for polyester, chlorine, formaldehyde, and polyvinyl chloride. I used to come home after shopping--where I
was always exposed to these chemicals--so exhausted that I had to go  to bed, but now I rarely take a nap.