The following is a story how 
NAET cured Dena Page's asthma allergies
and soon thereafter, her husband's and daughter's allergies.
By:  Dena Page
M.Ed., CBA
Certified Behaviour Analyst

Was living in PA
Now living in Israel

I learned about NAET at an autism conference, about ten years ago.  It just so happened that I'd stayed at a friend's home in her guest room/den the night before the conference and I was allergic to her laundry soap.  So, after not being able to sleep for hours, getting more and more congested and asthmatic, I finally made myself "comfortable" on the papasan chair -- you know, one of those discs balanced on top of a base, where if you move too much it falls off!  Needless to say, the next day I had a bit of trouble concentrating on the lecturers through the fog of allergy and sleep-deprivation.  So, when I took a break to try to clear my head and discovered a NAET booth, I was open to hearing what she had to say.  I'd had a lifetime of allergies, but had managed them by avoiding the things that were my worst allergy (cats, newspaper ink, cigarettes), so never considered treatment options.  However, the article she gave me about how NAET began convinced me I wanted to try it, but I put it off because this practitioner was over an hour away from me.

Meanwhile, I had set up a business with two partners, one of whom was also a respiratory therapist.  We were chatting one day and she told me that I had asthma.  I said she was crazy because I never wheeze the way my father does, I never needed hospitalization the way my sister does. 

She told me I was crazy because my symptoms coupled with the family history I had was an absolute diagnosis for asthma, but if I didn't believe her, she'd test me on her equipment at the hospital. 

So I went, she tested, and she informed me that not only did I have asthma, but I was really, really severe!  I had a chronic type that had no wheezing symptoms, just a constant, steady restricted air flow.  When she told me this, a lightbulb went on over my head.  When my sister was hospitalized, they'd never let her out unless she had a peak flow measure of at least 300 (400-600 was optimal for her but 300 was sufficient for release).  We'd play the "peak flow game" -- we'd take turns measuring our peak flow on the very simple measuring device.  All you do is take a deep breath, then blow out all the oxygen in one hard, fast blow into this little tube, and the air pushes a plastic tab up a scale.  Not rocket science!  I never broke 300!  Never once in all the times we played the game over the months and years of her in and out hospitalizations.  And now I understood why.

I started taking medication, Ventalin, I think.  I was curious, plus my family didn't believe I had asthma (no wheezing), so I took data.  Every day, I took my peak flow in the morning, before the inhaler.  Then I took it again after the inhaler kicked in.  I did this for about a month.  Most mornings, I started my day at 280 - 320, and went up to 350 - 400 with the inhaler.  I decided that the time was right to start the NAET (now that I knew I needed it).

My practitioner tested me for the top ten treatments -- these are the ones that are so basic that, if you're allergic to them, you're allergic to everything you put in your mouth!!  I was allergic to all ten, which is very common for people who know themselves to have allergies.  I continued taking my peak flow readings daily, and with nearly every top 10 treatment, my pre-inhaler level got higher.  By the end of those first 10 treatments, I was starting my day at about 400, without meds!!  My eleventh treatment was phenolics -- my therapist realized that this was a big one for me.  With this 11th treatment, my starting peak flow leaped to 500!!  Now I could not only walk AND talk at the same time (previously impossible), I could even RUN for the first time ever!!  I was out of shape, mind you, but not out of breath!

Shortly after this time, I met the man who would later become my husband.  He had horrible allergies!  I loved him, but I knew that I could not live the rest of my life with a man who would whine, "why am I so tortured" as he reached for the handkerchief AGAIN.  He went through about three hankies a day and felt awful all the time.  He had severe asthma as a kid, being hospitalized 22 times for asthma and pneumonia brought on by asthma and a cold.  Twenty-two times!!  By the time he was twenty, he no longer got that sick, but he still had asthma and a constant runny nose.

Since my (then) boyfriend was doing anything he could to win me over, when I suggested NAET, he agreed to go.  This was totally out of character for him, although I didn't know it at the time!  It turned out that he was allergic to 8 of the top 10 treatments, and two were particularly bad for him -- Vitamin C and salt.  He started treatment, and had immediate results, in that a persistent eczema patch disappeared with no other intervention.  But the most dramatic change came after his salt allergy was eliminated. 

It so happens that he had that treatment while I was out of town. When I got home, I noticed an amazing change -- he was down to one hanky a day, and often it was virtually untouched at the end of the day, and he had stopped asking why he was so tortured.  In fact, I haven't heard him ask that once in the 9 years I've been with him since!  I asked him what he'd been treated for and was not at all surprised to find that the 2nd of the two severe allergies, salt, had been eliminated. 

By this time, his true nature was kicking in, and he decided he'd had enough NAET.  However, he's always acknowledged that it made a huge difference in his life, and we've since used it for our daughter's allergies with great success.  It is my hope and dream that I'll be able to train in NAET to help others the way we've been helped.

Dena Page, M.Ed., CBA
Certified Behaviour Analyst
054 812 5973

Certified Irlen Screener
Certified Auditory Integration Therapy (DAA) Practitioner