The following is an amazing story how NAET has changed this families life!
Hi Ryan,

Thanks for creating your site about naet.  I too am passionate about naet and have been spreading the word as best as I can!

I have been working with Lisa Madigan, an NAET practictioner in Phoenix AZ,  for a few months now and I am totally amazed at the dramatic results I have experienced. The most obvious is that I have much more energy and strength and a lot less melancholy bordering on depression.

I originally contacted her ( to address seasonal allergy problems but to my delight we are also successfully addressing many other issues that I always thought were due to my Multiple Sclerosis and therefore unavoidable. For years I treated the symptoms of those problems without being able to resolve them. Problems such as: overwhelming fatigue, hypoglycemia, yeast infections, frequent bladder and kidney infections, incontinence, lack of coordination and balance, headaches, depression and many, many, many other things that I happily can no longer even remember.

It’s amazing because I have not felt this good since before my MS diagnosis just over 20 years ago. I recently told Lisa that I can actually almost remember what it felt like to be “normal” so it is no surprise that I passionately want to tell everyone I know, and even those I don’t know, about naet!

Lisa has a special passion for helping children and really wants to reach out to the autistic and ADHD community and I am doing everything I possibly can to help spread the word.  That's true even more so now that with Lisa's help I am doing treatments at home with my 11 year daughter "R". Yes! I am doing the treatments at home which seem to be just as effective as my in office treatments but they are less expensive and I dont have to drag my daughter to her office during the busy school year!

R was born full-term (38 weeks of gestation) and was only 2lbs 8oz and 13 inches long. Her tiny head fit in the palm of my hand! Amazingly, she had heart surgery at 5 days old and stayed in Neo-natal intensive care for 8 weeks. At one point she was being given 16 meds intravenously at once!

She was so weak that she could not drink from a bottle or eat baby food when the time came for her to try. We fed her high calorie formula thru a Nasal Gastric tube that went up her nose and down into her stomach. We feed her overnight with a pump that slowly fed her the formula over a 10 hour period and I fed her manually thru the tube every 2 hours during the day. She kept yanking the tube out so I would have to put it back in sometimes as often as 6 or 8 times a day maybe more. At 8 months old a surgeon put a feeding tube in her stomach so we could feed her formula that way. It looked like the plastic air valve on a cheap blow-up beach ball!  Unfortunately over the next 5 years she puked up everything we fed her. She was 2-1/2 years old before she reached 20 lbs and is still very tiny. But finally,  she was almost"big" enough to have full-blown open-heart surgery to correct the major heart anomolies she was still living with.

In the meantime we had her in as many as 6 therapy sessions a week to try to get her to eat and to help her overcome all of the many other developmental problems she experienced. We tried OT, PT, ST, Sensory, Play therapy, music therapy and everything else we could.... All of this was exhausting for her and me too!  I wish I had known about naet back then!

With lots of intervention and hard work for all of us she eventually did learn to eat . Her first real bite of food was a Burger King burger (just the meat) and her first "real" meal was Mac & Cheese for Thanksgiving dinner weeks after turning 4!!  It took many more years before the G-tube was surgically removed because she needed to continue to receive the bulk of her nutrition and calories that way.

Fast forward... 11-1/2 years old, only  4 feet 6-1/2 inches tall and a whooping 63 pounds! And that is with growth hormone therapy since she was 5! The doctor surmises she might make it to 4'9" if he can successfully delay puberty (the onset of her period) which is clearly imminent because of her obvious bodily development. She now receives monthly injections of a med to accomplish this as well as daily injections of the growth hormone and an oral thyroid med to kick start the growth hormone.

The monthly injection causes MAJOR mood swings and hormonal episodes greater than any PMS I've ever had and she started complaining about headaches and stomach pain almost like reflux.  This is in addition to her ADHD like behavior and craving for sugar and carbs.  Her regular medical docs just keep prescribing more meds and I struggle with knowing whether these meds are the right decision or not.  I already feel guilty about whether all these hormones will cause problems for her in the future.

Well after working with Lisa and talking about my daughter I found out I can save some money by doing some at-home treatments with her!  After only a few treatments for some of  the basics such as: egg, Vit C, Vit B and sugar I noticed dramatic changes. Her attention span has improved immensely, she is much much much less distracted (did I say much?) and she stopped complaining about the headaches almost immediately.  She actually now reads for 20-30 minutes each night on her own and is much more able to put herself to sleep each night instead of me having to sit with her and rub her back till she settles down. It's so bonus for me!!!  Of course her teachers think it's because she miracuously matured, surprisingly during the last few weeks of this school year and that she somehow amazingly avoided being struck by spring fever too!

I was so impressed that, again with my naet practictioner's help and supervision, I began doing the basic at home treatments for my 14 year old daughter "D" too even tho she doesnt have medical problems or complaints about things.  Interestingly enough, I have noticed D  become more grounded, less confrontatrional and easier to get along with.  Keep in mind, she's 14 so we still have some pretty big meltdowns!!  I dont think there's a single quick-fix reatment (naet or otherwise) for teenagehood but so far this has been a pretty close second!

One final note on me...  Last week I was doing volunteer work up at my church and uncharacteristically became overwhlmingly fatigued just like I used to get every day before naet. I figured it was due to the sudden 100 degree temps we were experiencing here in Phx so I didnt think much about it but went home early to take a nap. I slept on and off from 1:30 that Monday afternoon until Friday morning. When I went to my naet appt, Lisa found that I was sensitive to 3 allergens that I cant even pronounce (edta, xylene and butyly-hydro-tolune). Within a few hours of treating me for them I felt a lot better. In retrospect, I recall there was a horrible smell in the area near my church on Monday (we thought it was a gas leak but it wasnt). There's a lot of construction nearby and who knows. Whatever it was, it irritated me badly and I was thinking "oh no none of this naet stuff really worked after all".  Now, all I can only say is that Lisa identified these specific allergens and she treated me for them and I feel better!

Anyway, I'll end here and look forward to reading other testimonials as you post them.

I wish you continued  health and happiness!

Phoenix AZ
By: Gina N.

Phoenix, AZ